Game review Genre Action Frontlines: Fuel of War

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Game review Genre Action Frontlines: Fuel of WarTo think up something new in the market of online shooters is not an easy task. Each new multiplayer FPS even in the announcement phase falls into the category of Battlefield and Counter-Strike clones. Especially when the development of the game involved former employees of DICE. Studio Kaos is just the category of the latter. Most of the employees of the company took part in creating a modification of Battlefield 1942: Desert Combat and a full sequel to Battlefield 2. After the acquisition of the Swedish office by “electronics” its freelancers had to cover the thresholds of other publishers. The first to call for help responded to THQ, which not only warmed the “freelancers” under its wing, but also allocated them a tidy sum for the implementation of the debut project – Frontlines: Fuel of War.

The fact that the publisher did not spare money during the development process eloquently indicate the licensed Unreal Engine 3 and the impressive scale of events occurring on the screen. The plot of the game tells about the events of the Third World War, inflamed because of a sharp jump in oil prices. The catastrophic rise in price of “black gold” led to a military confrontation between the Red Star Alliance and Western Coalition. The Red Banner Alliance included Russia and China, united to protect their mineral deposits from a democratic threat, while the backbone of the Western coalition was made up of NATO countries.

Despite the availability of a full-fledged single, Frontlines: Fuel of War is more attracted to network lists, which, taking into account the author’s pedigree, is not surprising. A single campaign is intensified in three to four hours. This is the way the average overseas soldier travels from the border of Turkmenistan to the center of Moscow. On the way to the mainstay of World Evil, an unnamed warrior will have to perform more than one heroic deed, whether it be a capture of a strategic point or an enemy object being destroyed. Perform tasks set by the command is resolved in absolutely any order, the benefit of nonlinearity is present here only for a tick.

Game review Genre ActionThe project reveals its best aspects in the tab “multiplayer”. Even compared to Battlefield, Frontlines can not be called a tactical shooter – the restriction of 64 participants in the battle and the crazy dynamics of the battles contribute a fair amount of arcade to the gameplay. Six classes of characters – infantryman, heavy infantryman, stormtrooper, saboteur, sniper and specialist in combating military equipment – give the opportunity to test yourself in various roles. Bleeding is carried out in an interesting manner – the more you use a certain skill, the faster its value grows. Snipers, for example, increase the accuracy of shooting, and submachine gunners receive combat bonuses. The most successful warriors are available four special “perk”: air support, ground turrets, EMP-field generator and drones. The latter are remote-controlled robots. In total, there are four of them, two for each side of the conflict. Communist soldiers instill fear and panic in the ranks of the enemy with the help of mini-helicopters and radio-controlled machines, and the coalition troops have a smaller version of the tank and a curious aircraft-bomber. The classic weapons arsenal is represented by 22 exhibits, not including vehicles.

With variety, Frontlines have big problems. At the moment, the internal content contains only 8 maps, suitable for online fights. The objectives at each location are the same: gradually grabbing control points, forming territorial boundaries on a general plan, it is necessary to squeeze the enemy out of the level. Oil fights are held in non-stop mode. The crazy pace of battles is promoted by the now fashionable health regeneration system – a wounded fighter needs to lie down for a few seconds in a secluded place, and the strip of “lifphbar” will automatically come back to normal. With the cartridges the situation is similar, however, to replenish the ammunition will have to reach special stores.

Get to the right places, sometimes, it takes an extremely long time, unless, of course, to resort to the use of four-wheeled devices – the size of open spaces inspire respect. “Unreal” engine is working to its fullest. Unlike the recent carriers of UE3, programmers of Kaos Studios were able to cope with the brainchild of Cliff B, issuing to the mountain is really the nextgen-picture.

Miniclip gamesThe language will not turn to call Frontlines the first “pancake”. On the contrary, the game was extremely successful, especially for the debut title. Of course, the developers did not manage to avoid a number of mistakes, but in general the project left a purely positive impression. At least, now there is something to pass the time before the release of Battlefield: Bad Company.

Pros: dynamic gameplay; excellent graphics; realistic physical effects.
Cons: “cranberry” story; absence of a table of ratings and statistics.

Dragon Knight – the newest fantasy with bright graphics, spectacular battles and epic adventures.

Free game Dragon KnightDragon Knight – the newest fantasy MMORPG about dragons with bright graphics, spectacular battles and epic adventures. The army of demons, led by a mighty dragon, celebrates the victory over all-powerful gods. The world is plunged into chaos, but the gods do not lose hope. They call you! Awake from centuries of sleep and save the dying world. Return the former power and title of the invincible knight of the dragon! Travel through the five continents, find the treasure of the king of elves, unravel the secrets of the ancient ruins and survive in the realm of the undead. Collect a unit of mighty heroes, develop skills and fight in violent PvP battles. Manage the guilds, seize power and destroy the army of evil!

In MMORPG, Dragon Knight has two canonical character classes. Choose a deadly magician or a brave warrior and go to the den of evil! Develop the character’s abilities, discover new fighting skills and learn dragon magic. Be ready for a fierce battle with the army of many thousands of powerful dragons! You can not get to the demon lord alone, so you need a personal army and loyal allies. Start playing a good miniclip game in the MMORPG genre with your friends and fight against elite bosses!

Dragon Knight playgameDefeat the demons in the dungeons, earn prestige in the arenas and hire great heroes! Improve weapons and equipment in the smithy, develop the skills of the allies and supply the squad with resources. Think up your own tactics and arrange the fighters on the battlefield. In MMORPG Dragon Knight online you can tame and grow a giant dragon that will increase your power. Wander around the world and pet pets, including the infernal Cerberus, the flying Pegasus and the flaming phoenix. Train the mounts and increase the characteristics, turn them into weapons and crush the enemies!

Online game Dragon Kneight offers exciting events every day! You are waiting for battles with world bosses, treasure hunts, fascinating quizzes, guild wars, battles between dozens of servers and other daily tests. Fight your way to fame and build up the strength of the detachment, hire the strongest heroes and get rare equipment. Fight with players in real time and gain the power of the gods! Save the princess from the clutches of treacherous dragons and become a legendary hero!

Developers constantly improve and update the game, so cheats for online games are excluded. In online MMORPG Dragon Knight everyone will become an epic hero and perform dozens of exploits. Respond to the call of the gods and choose the path of the dragon knight!

Ten Reasons to Play MMORPG Online Dragon Kneit:

Play Dragon Knight online

Colorful locations and special effects;
Balanced classes and skills;
Turn-based battles in real time;
Breeding and development of pets;
Improving and crafting equipment;
Dozens of daily events and trials;
Epic story line of hundreds of quests;
Taming and development of dragons;
Arena duels and guild battles;
Inter server PvP battles with hundreds of players.

Dragon Ring – an explosive MMORPG action with 3D graphics and real-time combat.

Play game Dragon RingThe Dragon Ring is an explosive MMORPG action game with 3D graphics and real-time combat. The war of the rings ended hundreds of years ago and the power ring from the forge of the dark lord was destroyed. But the darkness is once again gathering over the kingdom, and soon the dark lord with the hordes of orcs will strike a new blow. Become a hero and transfer to fantasy the kingdom of Andimor! Play as a warrior, magician or archer, develop dozens of skills and explore ancient dungeons in search of power rings. Manage the guild, create alliances and fight in hot server battles with hundreds of players!

Choose a class for the style of the game and become the legend of the kingdom of Andimor:

Free games onlineWarrior – break into battle and slash enemies with a heavy two-handed sword! Be in the forefront and protect your friends from the crushing blows of the bosses;

Mage – burn enemies with a fiery wind and incinerate with lightning strikes! Unlock the secret of teleportation and become an elusive opponent;

Archer – keep enemies at a distance and poison them with poisonous arrows. Hurl at the enemies of a hail of arrows and get the title of master duels!

Travel fantasy to the kingdom of Andimor and build up the power in dozens of ways. Do hundreds of quests, look for powerful rings of power and discover new locations. Participate in dozens of daily events with friends and create an invincible guild. Command alliances, conquer territory and become the ruler of the city of dragons!


Play free Dragon Ring onlineColorful 3D graphics in the browser;

Explosive action in real time;

Three unique classes and skill leveling;

Kraft and improvement of 1,000+ items;

Over 15 mounts and pets;

Clever AFK mode and trade at auction;

PvE, PvP and PK modes;

Guilds, alliances and inter-server wars;

Group dungeons and elite bosses;

Wings, costumes and character customization.

League of Angels 2 – evolution of the genre and revolution in the series

Play game League of Angels 2League of Angels 2 – a revolutionary role-playing game! Finally the fans waited for the continuation of the popular MMORPG about the angels. Developers used their many years of experience, transformed graphics and made 3D characters. It’s time to evaluate the game of the year and lead a detachment of invincible angels. To cope with the darkness, the player will be available 60 unique characters, including eye-popping goddesses, fearless knights and mythical monsters. Ready to be transferred to the fantasy world, encounter terrible creatures, visit dozens of dungeons and clash in tense inter-server battles?

History of the world

300 years ago, the celestials imprisoned the Queen of the Sea in prison. Time passed and everyone had already forgotten about the power of the wicked witch. Once, when the guards were away, the minions of the mistress of darkness made their way to the dungeon and rescued their queen. Now the evil is free again and wants revenge. When the Supreme Council found out about the incident, it was decided to announce the mobilization of the strongest heroes. The apocalypse can be stopped only by the strongest warriors. Do you think you can beat the queen and restore the balance?

The gods chose you. It remains to make a team and go into a dangerous adventure. Gamers will be confronted by demons, spirits, dragons, animals and other horrible creatures. Your task is to destroy the evil spirits and return the stolen artifacts, through which the queen’s servants managed to remove the spell from the dungeon.


New game League of Angels 2During the adventure you will be accompanied by four characters. They are all different and differ in stats, abilities and appearance. Moreover, each celibate belongs to one of the three fractions:

Empire of the Immortals;
Citadel of the Celestials;
Union of Enlightened.
You are waiting for 60 heroes, from losers and ending with first-class warriors, wizards, spellcasters, etc. Depending on the tactics, you can recruit a tank, fighter, healer or support. In order not to die at the hands of the enemy, experiment with the placement of fighters, improve equipment, swing abilities and do not forget to strengthen pets.


League of Angels 2 unique MMO, able to please an interesting game process, divided into two stages:

Travel: managing the main character, you will explore the locations, communicate, perform tasks, etc.;
Battles: by touching a monster or another gamer, you move to the battlefield. The battle involves four heroes and one spirit.
To taste all the delights, after registration you will plunge into an ardent battle, and then you will go for a walk in the zones. The task of the beginner is to pump the angels and get them a good outfit. The key to success is murderous skills and sharpened outfits. But also do not forget about the arrangement of fighters. If the healer is in the first row, he will be killed and the team will be doomed to defeat. You can certainly experiment, but why sacrifice the characters. Do you want to know the ideal formation? Then put the tank in the first row, after him let DD stand, but the healer completes the chain.


Battles in the game, although they are in automatic mode, you still can influence the outcome. As soon as the fight begins, you will be waited by a show of special effects and bright colors. The power of the angels is great, and some have deadly magic. Deal with demons will help mass spells, summoning creatures, turning enemies into animals, etc. When characters use skills and deal damage, you will receive rage points. As soon as the scale is full, immediately activate the ultimatum skill. He will deal tremendous damage and will definitely outweigh the scales on your side.

War pets

Support the angels can not only spirits, but also fighting pets. Strengthen the team can be with the help of phoenix, wolf, eifith and other mythical creatures. The player has the right to enlist the support of several animals, but you can take only one with you. Therefore, before the fight you need to learn about the enemy as much as possible. Perhaps his heroes do not tolerate ice attacks or are immune to fire.

The Royal Battle

League of Angels 2 gameplayTo dilute a squad with a pet, you need to earn it. There are several ways available – to go into the game daily and receive as a gift or to participate in the royal battle. Winning from competitors, you will receive points that can be exchanged for fragments of the soul of the animal. It’s time to talk about the battle itself. You will participate in standard battles, but now there is a chance to choose your opponent on your own. Four angels are available to choose from. You can even see what heroes the detachment consists of. Overcome the four opponents and get a treasure chest. Do not forget that there are only 16 attempts available. So it’s up to you to open 2 chests or four.

Methods of extracting experience

You can get acquainted with the assortment of heroes in the tavern. As soon as you complete the team, it’s time to pump it. The League of Angels 2 boasts several ways to earn experience:
Performance of plot and secondary tasks;

Destruction of elite monsters in dungeons;
Mass battles for territories;
Participation in events and competitions;
Winning in tournaments.
Earning experience, the characters will raise the level. Upon reaching certain boundaries, the characters will acquire new skills and become stronger. To increase the team’s combat rating – look for legendary equipment and artifacts, train pets, insert magic weapons and weapons into things. Well, it’s time to collect the invincible team and go fight with the monsters!


Modern 3D graphics;
Fascinating special effects;
An intriguing storyline;
60 unique characters;
Mass battles for territories;
Dozens of pets, fashionable costumes and gorgeous wings.