Dragon Ring – an explosive MMORPG action with 3D graphics and real-time combat.

Play game Dragon RingThe Dragon Ring is an explosive MMORPG action game with 3D graphics and real-time combat. The war of the rings ended hundreds of years ago and the power ring from the forge of the dark lord was destroyed. But the darkness is once again gathering over the kingdom, and soon the dark lord with the hordes of orcs will strike a new blow. Become a hero and transfer to fantasy the kingdom of Andimor! Play as a warrior, magician or archer, develop dozens of skills and explore ancient dungeons in search of power rings. Manage the guild, create alliances and fight in hot server battles with hundreds of players!

Choose a class for the style of the game and become the legend of the kingdom of Andimor:

Free games onlineWarrior – break into battle and slash enemies with a heavy two-handed sword! Be in the forefront and protect your friends from the crushing blows of the bosses; http://bigmangame.info

Mage – burn enemies with a fiery wind and incinerate with lightning strikes! Unlock the secret of teleportation and become an elusive opponent;

Archer – keep enemies at a distance and poison them with poisonous arrows. Hurl at the enemies of a hail of arrows and get the title of master duels!

Travel fantasy to the kingdom of Andimor and build up the power in dozens of ways. Do hundreds of quests, look for powerful rings of power and discover new locations. Participate in dozens of daily events with friends and create an invincible guild. Command alliances, conquer territory and become the ruler of the city of dragons!


Play free Dragon Ring onlineColorful 3D graphics in the browser;

Explosive action in real time;

Three unique classes and skill leveling;

Kraft and improvement of 1,000+ items;

Over 15 mounts and pets;

Clever AFK mode and trade at auction;

PvE, PvP and PK modes;

Guilds, alliances and inter-server wars;

Group dungeons and elite bosses;

Wings, costumes and character customization.

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