Dragon Knight – the newest fantasy with bright graphics, spectacular battles and epic adventures.

Free game Dragon KnightDragon Knight – the newest fantasy MMORPG about dragons with bright graphics, spectacular battles and epic adventures. The army of demons, led by a mighty dragon, celebrates the victory over all-powerful gods. The world is plunged into chaos, but the gods do not lose hope. They call you! Awake from centuries of sleep and save the dying world. Return the former power and title of the invincible knight of the dragon! Travel through the five continents, find the treasure of the king of elves, unravel the secrets of the ancient ruins and survive in the realm of the undead. Collect a unit of mighty heroes, develop skills and fight in violent PvP battles. Manage the guilds, seize power and destroy the army of evil!

In MMORPG, Dragon Knight has two canonical character classes. Choose a deadly magician or a brave warrior and go to the den of evil! Develop the character’s abilities, discover new fighting skills and learn dragon magic. Be ready for a fierce battle with the army of many thousands of powerful dragons! You can not get to the demon lord alone, so you need a personal army and loyal allies. Start playing a good miniclip game in the MMORPG genre with your friends and fight against elite bosses!

Dragon Knight playgameDefeat the demons in the dungeons, earn prestige in the arenas and hire great heroes! Improve weapons and equipment in the smithy, develop the skills of the allies and supply the squad with resources. Think up your own tactics and arrange the fighters on the battlefield. In MMORPG Dragon Knight online you can tame and grow a giant dragon that will increase your power. Wander around the world and pet pets, including the infernal Cerberus, the flying Pegasus and the flaming phoenix. Train the mounts and increase the characteristics, turn them into weapons and crush the enemies!

Online game Dragon Kneight offers exciting events every day! You are waiting for battles with world bosses, treasure hunts, fascinating quizzes, guild wars, battles between dozens of servers and other daily tests. Fight your way to fame and build up the strength of the detachment, hire the strongest heroes and get rare equipment. Fight with players in real time and gain the power of the gods! Save the princess from the clutches of treacherous dragons and become a legendary hero!

Developers constantly improve and update the game, so cheats for online games are excluded. In online MMORPG Dragon Knight everyone will become an epic hero and perform dozens of exploits. Respond to the call of the gods and choose the path of the dragon knight!

Ten Reasons to Play MMORPG Online Dragon Kneit:

Play Dragon Knight online

Colorful locations and special effects;
Balanced classes and skills;
Turn-based battles in real time;
Breeding and development of pets;
Improving and crafting equipment;
Dozens of daily events and trials;
Epic story line of hundreds of quests;
Taming and development of dragons;
Arena duels and guild battles;
Inter server PvP battles with hundreds of players.

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