My name is Afanasyev Sergey, I’m 30 years old, and I love board games. There is a stereotype that this is a hobby for geeks – “nerds”, closed weird guys wearing sweaters and beards. With the help of my site, I want to prove that table games are fun, interesting and accessible to all, and at the same time laugh at this prejudice, bringing it to the point of absurdity.
Yes, we are geeks. The power in the beard!

The main goal of the blog is to tell the reader about the variety of modern board games that have long gone beyond the boring and monotonous “throw-move”, in which the player practically did not depend on anything, and the ball rules his majesty incident. Modern games can move you to a fairytale country where, as a hero, you will fight with villains, become a royal architect, a farmer or a thriving entrepreneur. Anyone can find a genre to his taste, whether it be adventure, strategy or economic simulator. Their reviews I write for players, not for publishers, telling not only about the benefits, but also about the drawbacks of each game.

And my hobby began in my childhood, from post-Soviet economic and role-playing tablets – “Treasure Island”, “Conqueror”, “Alahor’s World” and many others. Even then, with friends I tried to create my own games, often based on known franchises. So on the paper appeared “Heroes of the sword and magic”, “Carmageddon”, “WWF” and games based on the read fantasy books. But his childhood passed, and with him, this stage of infatuation with desktops also ended.

The return occurred in my student years, when I accidentally found out that one of my new acquaintances was collecting “Warhammer 40.000”. I always liked this universe, but as a schoolboy, I could not afford expensive miniatures, content with computer games and articles in the magazine “Igromania.” A new hobby helped to find like-minded people and create a local circle of warhammerers. But a few years later the hobby began to become boring. The excitement of the fan was replaced by fatigue from infinitely re-issued rules and codes, paver-receipts and new unbalanced units. Approximately at the same time at one of the meetings in the game club, the guys introduced me to the “Twilight Imperium” of the 2nd edition. To say that I liked the game, then do not say anything. I was just delighted with the scale of this game! Warhammer finally went into the background, and I got the third edition of the “Twilight Empire” with both additions. For a while it was the only desktop that we played. But pretty soon after it appeared “Munchkin”, “Citadel”, “Imaginarium.” And went-went.

Now my collection has more than a hundred games and we regularly meet with friends in order to play something. In addition, on my account a few self-made game libraries.

Favorite games

I like strategy, cooperative and card games. I prefer the euro, but I play in amitresh. I like games with great variation and different ways to win (Five Tribes, Burgundy Locks, Hyperborea, Lords of Waterdeep, 100,000 years BC). I love when the player has to make an informed choice, use different tactics and open new combinations (“Ascension”, “Seasons”, “Conquering Mars”). I consider it a big plus if the game provides for live communication between players: free trade and the conclusion of alliances by verbal agreement, auctions, bluffing (“Energoset”, “Cyclades”, “Android: Netrunner”, “Citadels”, “Dead Season”, “Twilight” Imperium “). I appreciate originality and artistic execution (“Secret message”, “Hanabi”, “Colt express”).